Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Oklahoma Visit - Final Days

We are finishing up the Great American Road Trip and Oklahoma visit.  It has been an all-around success! Sunday,  we hit the bookstore ( a family tradition) and then just mainly hung out at Aunt Linda's house eating!  Seems to be the theme of this visit.  We finished up our tie dye shirts, chatted and and the kids did some swimming at the hotel.  It was really the best way to spend the day. Uncle John is still in the hospital and seems to be making slow progress.  After dinner we headed over to the Oklahoma City Memorial.  It was sort of a somber way to end the day, but at the same time the actual memorial is beautiful and since Brenna was 3 when it happened and none of the others had even been born, it sparked a lot of good conversation and I think made quite an impression.

Laney, Aunt Linda, Pam, Risa and Kipp

Ian, Cari and Zain
The Oklahoma City Memorial at Night
Yesterday, Pam and Kipp and the girls headed out - they were starting their great midwest road trip.  Ian and Cari hit an Auto Parts Store and JoAnn fabrics.  I guess when you live in Columbus, Mississippi it's important to hit the stores you don't have.  I totally understand.  I remember when we lived up in the U.P. - which use to live for our weekend trips into Green Bay to go to the mall.  The kids and I and Mimi drove over to OU to check out the campus.  We'd seen a totally cool naked lady statue and lots of old fashion phone booths that reminded Brenna of Doctor Who's Tardis so we went to take pictures.

Then we met Mimi for one of the best lunches I've ever had.  We ate at a restaurant named InterUrban and I had what were  THE BEST fish tacos I've ever had.  I'm still thinking about those fish tacos!
Mimi hit the road back to Kansas and we all sent to the Oklahoma Science Museum.  We had a good time, speedy, but good.  I didn't realize the museum closed at 5pm, so we pretty much did the museum at a run, saw the movie Tornado Alley and headed for home.  The kids and Ian all got to try out Segwey's.. that was a highlight.
We headed back to the hotel, swam in the pool and then pretty much collapsed.  
Of course, don't forget we ate AGAIN and had ice cream!

We we first started planning this trip I was a little worried because it was 3 days of driving, 3 days of visit and 3 more days of driving and I worried that it wouldn't be a long enough visit.  But I must say, we've had a fabulous time but I am ready to get home and see my husband and my puppies and be in my own bed with all my own stuff.  Not looking forward to starting the drive tomorrow, but knowing that there's a Jack in the Box somewhere in Tennessee is providing quite a bit of motivation!

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  1. It was so much fun having you here. So glad you had a good time!