Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Road Trip Day #1

We've survived our first day on the Great Pilgrimage to Oklahoma!  The kids and I left this morning about 8am and stopped about 530pm in Knoxville, TN.  We're driving to Okla for a mini family reunion for Mimi's 70th birthday.  We're all (Ian + family, Pam + family) meeting up at Aunt Linda's house to hang out and celebrate Mimi. We had to leave John at home to save the world.  It's going to be a lot of fun especially considering my kids have never even met Pam's kids and Pam has never met Zack and believe it or not Aunt Linda and Uncle John have never met Brenna or Zack.  It's a shame that's what it is.  So we're going to make the most of the visit.

Today was good, we had a little bit of bad weather and one brief stoppage on 81S.  We sat for an hour at a dead stop, but then got moving again.  The kids were great,  they watched Zombieland, read, slept and generally entertained themselves.  I made them both travel fun bags and I think they really enjoyed them despite the fact that when they are 14 and 19 it's not real easy to find "cool" stuff to put in their bags.  So instead I pretended they were about 8 and I made "retro" bags.  They got sticker books, bubbles, activity books, markers, candy, new headphones and stuff like that.

We found a really nice hotel in Knoxville - Holiday Inn Express.  Came with 2 queen beds and a fold out couch, so NO ONE HAS TO SHARE A BED!  Best news ever!  It has a pool so they swam and played together.

It was a good day... no one fought, no one cried and no one even wore the cranky pants.  Let's hope my luck holds for 2 more days in the car!

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  1. Brenna has too met Risa. Brenna was about 4 and Risa was about 2 months. I remember we went to the drive-in in Atlanta and Brenna tried to feed Risa a PB&J sandwich.