Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Running full circle!

We ran the Run for You Lives 5K this past weekend.  It's the 5K that started it all.  Way back over a year ago, I said... "If I'm ever going to run a 5K it would be running from zombies!"  We signed up and I decided if I was really going to do it, I better be able to run!  And a year later here I am, 20lbs lighter,  running everyday, 10 5K's this  year and pretty much addicted to it!  Who Knew!!

We arrived about 2 hours early and when we first walked in, we saw zombies on the course just wandering around and people, walking and we thought, "This is looks kinda lame, why is everyone walking?  This is going to be easy?" Aaahhh... little did we know!  It was on a Motor Cross Track, so there were hills, and woods, mud pits, houses and all sorts of stuff, not to mention the zombies, zombies, zombies!  When we first started there was about .3-.4 mile that was solid zombies, so we were running full tilt, bobbing and weaving and trying to avoid them.  I lost 2 of my flags (out of 4) right away.  It was crazy.  I thought I was going to pass out.  John and Zack definitely had an advantage having played flag football.  They had the dodging and spinning and avoiding down pat.  Brenna did a little better, and I just totally sucked!

The running part wasn't hard, it was the avoiding the zombies while navigating the treacherous footing and obstacles!  It was certainly fun, but I think I prefer my 5K's without the chasing.  Give me a straight up run or obstacle course and I'm happier.

Bottom line,  Brenna and I died, but John and Zack ended up surviving!  John actually made it through with 2 flags, Zack had one.  They were pretty proud of themselves.

The zombies were pretty creepy, but they didn't freak me out as much as I thought they would.  I think I would have been just as freaked if they'd been regular people, it was the chasing that freaked me out - not so much the makeup.


Look good for 2 dead girls

Carrying off their dead

One hot dead girl

Practicing their moves

Number 10 is in the bag!

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