Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Summer Update #1

We are 2 weeks into summer vacation and it's been both busy, busy, busy and very quiet at the same time. So... what have we done?

#1 - I've heard "I'm bored" twice.  Maybe that's not so bad except that the first time it was uttered was on DAY ONE of vacation... Zack was the culprit.  And the 2nd time I heard it was on on DAY TWO and this time it was Brenna.  So I said to myself..."Self we need to nip this shit in the bud!"  I immediately whipped out my Summer To Do List which has delicious nuggets like wash baseboards, clean windows,  or steam clean carpet.  Surprise, surprise when given these options the boredom magically disappeared and I haven't heard a peep since then.

#2 - We made another road trip to Radford and got our girl registered for classes.  We were very excited to discover that for a Biology major she only has to take Statistics and one Math class.  That is very exciting for us - since math is definitely not her forte.  She'll skip math this year, take a refresher at NOVA next summer and hopefully zip right through College Algebra.  Stats... we'll just have to see.  She's also taking Freshman English, Biology Seminar, Bio and Lab, Chemistry and Lab, History and University 100 which is a intro to college class they ask all freshman to take.  It's a pretty jam-packed schedule but she can handle it. She has her actual schedule set up pretty sweetly for a freshman.  She only has 2 classes on Mon and the first one is at 11am.  She only has one class on Friday at 11am.  Her heavy days are Tues and Thurs with Weds being a middle day.  So it's definitely workable for her.  She also got to actually meet her roommate.  They found each other on Facebook and have been messaging back and forth - so it was good for them to actually meet and discover that they do like each other.  She is so excited and now is ready for summer to be over so she can head off to college!

#3 Zack got his traditional "cut it all off" summer "Do."


#4 - We've hit the pool a number of times, the weather has been horribly hot and humid.

#5 - We've seen Green Lantern (heart you Ryan Reynolds), Transformers 3 (better than the 2nd one), Super 8 (super awesome) and have many more on the "want to see" movie list.

#6 - We completely cleaned out the toy room.  Since Brenna will be away at college we are going to move all Zack's game systems and "toys" down to the basement and turn the toy room into a home office for John.  We cleaned and boxed and sorted and purged our guts out!  Goodwill came and we had so much packed up and boxed around that when John came home from work he said, "Are we moving again?  I don't want to move!"   Now the toy room is empty and awaiting the installation of home office stuff.

#7 - The kids have slept in till all hours of the afternoon.  Zack got up at 230p today.  I feel weird making them wake up just because I don't think they should still be sleeping, so I let them sleep.

All in all, a successful first two weeks....

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