Monday, September 5, 2011

8th grade??? Say what???

Tomorrow is the first day of school for the Zack-man.  8th grade no less... how can that be.  I still remember the dread and terror I felt when I contemplated sending him off to Kindergarten.  I wondered what I would do with myself without him home every day and how I would keep myself busy.  Was I really ever that naive?
Now he's starting his final year of middle school and then high school and I'll be facing sending him off to college just like my baby girl.  How does this happen so fast?
I must confess he surprised me tonight, got his clothes laid out.  Texted a picture to his sister for confirmation of a choice well made and put himself to bed at 9:00pm.   I couldn't believe it.  This is the kid who all summer made it his personal mission to be the last to bed and the last to rise.  Actually sleeping until 4:00pm one day!
He actually went to bed at 9 and when I just peeked in at him was asleep at 9:30pm?  Do you think he's sick?  Should I worry?  The poor kid can't win.  If he stays up too late I worry, if he goes to bed too early, I worry.  I told him to be prepared that with his sister gone, I only had him to focus on!
For now I'll just assume that even though it doesn't look like it, maybe he is actually listening to some of the  things we say and maybe he won't be too cranky when 6am rolls around tomorrow morning.
Good Luck Zack, I know you are going to knock 'em dead in 8th grade!

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  1. Hi Julie!
    Not sure if you remember me from the MOPS days, but it's Andrea! I found your blog through Kristie's, who I have been following all these years. I accidentally subscribed to your blog instead of adding it to my Google Reader and now I'm not sure how to undo it. Oops. Anyway, hope you are well. We moved to Chicago last month for my hubby's job and we are settling it. I must say it is easier to move when your kids are lil and you can join MOPS to meet moms! T is a middle schooler now, which is freaking me out!! Take care, AJ