Saturday, February 25, 2012

Best wife in the world? You be the judge...

Woke up at around 730am this morning and walked into John's office to say good morning and he said... "I've been thinking..."  At that point I should have just walked back out had my tea and then gone back up to see him.  Instead I stood there and he said, " I think I need a new car.  It's about time to trade in my car and I like these Honda Elements and since their not making them anymore I can probably get a good price on one."  I smiled, nodded and went down to get my tea.  Fast forward about 4 hours.  I'm up at the school helping out with Crew counting money... John calls and says... "I went to CarMax, they'll give me more than I expected and there's THE EXACT car I want in Omaha, can I put the $750 shipping fee on the Visa?"   Say what???  Who in their right mind wakes up one morning, decides they need a new car, goes out finds one and 4 hours later is putting the money down?  My HUSBAND that's who!
I have trouble deciding if I want the pork chop or the chicken breast for dinner and he buys a new car in less than a day?  We are so different in so many ways! :o)
Turns out, not only did he do all this, but he cut our car payment in half at the same time.  Guess I can't really complain!

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