Thursday, June 20, 2013

Another one bites the dust - #6 goes down in an enormous mud pit!

Before - so innocent
5K - #6 is in the bag.  The kids and I did Quantico's Run Amuck.  It was an untimed Obstacle Course Mud Run!!  I was quite nervous at first, especially about the obstacles like rappeling and monkey bars!  But it turned out most of the obstacles were pretty tame.  I guess you have to remember for these "easier" ones they have to make the obstacles at least semi-accessible for most people.  The hardest obstacle was the very first one - it was an inflatable playground thingy and you had to get over a sort of plastic wall.  It was hard because it was so darn slippery from all the rain we'd gotten the day before.  As we stood and watch probably 50% or more of the people couldn't get over it!  I am very proud to say that all 3 of us made it over.  I guess the next worst were the hills, mainly because they were so darn slippery.  There was no way to run, you were lucky if you could walk up the hills and the last one I literally did on my hands and knees.  I was a ton of fun!  It was also a nice break, because the only uninterrupted run portion was half a mile at the beginning, the rest was run a little, stop and do an obstacle, run a little, stop.
B's knees

At one point in the race I found myself ahead of both the kids and shouted out my success to those running around me... well, I guess Brenna did not take kindly to my announcement so she sprinted and caught me in the mud pit and tackled me from behind!  We both went down face first into the mud!  It was crazy, both got scrapped up knees, but her's were much worse than mine....can you say kharma??

Zack led most of the way,  I just can't keep up with that kid when we run.  I keep reminding myself that he's 15 and I'm 46, if I could keep up with him that would be really bad for him!  Brenna and I run at a much more similar pace, which means I can usually at least see her ahead of me when we run! :o)
Anyway, it was a ton of fun.  I am thinking of doing another one in November... Brrr... Still keeping up with the 5K resolution and all is good in the running world.
We've lost our innocence!

Dirty girls on the way home!

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