Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Does THIS make me a runner?

Apparently ONE pair of running shoes is not enough for me, because I took Zack to Va Runner to buy some real running shoes and I came home with a new pair as well!

They were the new release of the shoes I already have and love...plus they were an AWESOME purple!  Really, how could I resist??  But, before you think that these are pretty wild and crazy...here's my other pair!
So now not only am I the crazy cat lady of running shoes, but I also seem to choose the wildest, loudest pairs I can find!  Let me tell you when I looked down today and saw those purple shoes running down the road, it made me smile!  And trust me, normally when I am running down the road there's not a lot of smiling going on!
I just don't know when I turned into the "multiple pairs of running shoes" girl?   I hardly know myself anymore! :o)

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