Saturday, February 19, 2011

Weather, Walking and Weighted Vests

We have been enjoying unprecedented weather here in Va for the last three days, 60's and 70's and wonderful sunshine. So, I have been walking my ass off with the dogs, not literally... unfortunately. A good 90 minutes at least each day in my Reebok Toners! You know the cute ones, not the old lady ones. The ones that according to the TV will make all the handsome young men stop and watch as I walk by! They said it on TV so it must be true. Today I decided to go ALL OUT... Reebok Toners weighted walking vest! They handy dandy one that will "pump up the volume" and help "melt the fat away" turning me into a lean, mean, toned walking machine while looking stylish and athletic. That's what the magazine said so it must be true. What???
Anyway, so the vest, it's 4lbs with 4- 1lb weights you can add to the vest to "pump it up" even more. I'm not crazy so I just wore it straight up, no added weights. I'm not sure it did much of anything except make me look bulky so in turn I probably walked a little faster in order to get home and take it off!
Unfortunately Cooper and Zoey seem to be casualties of the increased walks. They have raw sore pads and are limping when we walk. For whatever reason I can't imagine walking without them, it would seem a little pointless. So I find myself investigating Paw Wax and Dog Booties??? Really... do dogs wear shoes? I have always sworn up and down that dogs don't wear clothes - no sweaters, no jackets, no Halloween costumes. Clothes make Cooper look gay and Zoey look fat! But, now I'm looking into booties for the dogs, oh how the mighty have fallen. Just wait until I put Cooper in a sweater and booties, he'll never be able to hold his head up in the neighborhood again.

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  1. weighted walking vest??? OMG Julie you need another vacation!!! The only weighted vests I've heard of are the ones we put on my autistic students in the hopes of preventing behaviors. Ha! Love you! You go girl.