Saturday, February 5, 2011

We're back...

Well we made it back safe and sound, no fiery crashes, no terrorists taking hostages, no flesh-eating bacteria, no icebergs - you get the picture.
We had a very nice time. We sailed on the Majesty of the Seas and discovered once we got there that it was the smallest and oldest ship in Royal Caribbean's fleet. We also discovered that the median age on this particular cruise was about 70! Not that it mattered to John and I since we were in bed by 930pm most nights. We're not big drinkers or big dancers so we played all day and were exhausted by night time, so it didn't matter that the disco's were playing Frank Sinatra and the shows were geared to the Golden Girls theme! :o)
We still enjoyed the drinks, the sun, the pool and the beaches and it also meant if we were willing to take the stairs we could beat the elevators down and be first in the dining room! The elevators were slow with all those walkers and canes loading in. It also made me realize maybe we're not as old as we feel. These people were still cruising and they were at least 20 years older than us. The one thing I will say is those old people can dance! You slap some Frank Sinatra on the old turn-table and those oldies will cut a rug!
Key West was our first stop and we really like it. We hit the Southernmost Point, Butterfly Conservatory and Hemingway's House. It was very cool. A bunch of fun touristy shopping and lots of neat places to eat and drink. Unfortunately we had to leave at 230pm so we didn't really get to sample the night life. I could go back and spend a couple of days at least.
Dinners on the boat were very good. We actually ended up not having anyone at our table. It was a small table for 4 and the other couple never showed up, it was actually not a bad thing. We didn't have to make awkward small talk and we weren't stuck with people we didn't like. I've never been very good at small talk, so it was nice to be just us. The food was fun, but nothing particularly weird or unusual.
The best part was just being able to sit in the sun and read and relax. John actually had a book he was reading so he was happy to just sit and veg as well. We kept imagining the snow and cold at home and felt very lucky to be able to relax and enjoy the sun. Another plus... when your on a boat with LOTS of old people, you feel pretty good in your bathing suit!
Tricky part... finding people who could work the camera and take picture of us! I know that seems stereotypical, but the first few "older" people we asked to take our pics... not such a great job. It helps to have your face in the picture. So, then we made a policy.... we'd only ask people who were less than 25 (preferably teenagers) to take out pics and we ended up getting some of my favorite pics of us.

Probably one of my most favorite parts, my Sea Lion encounter! We actually got in the pool with the sea lions and got to pet, hug, kiss, rub down and generally hang out with the sea lions. It was so awesome! I want to grow up to be an animal trainer! I'd scoop all the poop in the world if I got to hang out with the animals as well.
They were so sweet and gentle. And didn't smell fishy at all.
All in all it was a great week. Beautiful weather, lots of relaxing and a very enjoyable cruise. I think I like the idea of every "ten" we cruise. We did it on our 10th anniversary, 20th anniversary so here's hoping I don't kill John before 30!

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  1. I am a little late reading your blog. I am glad you had a good time. You sound like a couple we would like to 'cruise' with....just chilling out nothing wild and crazy. ha ha