Wednesday, August 31, 2011

End of Summer Wrap-Up #2

But there's more....August wasn't just concussions and college -  lots of other exciting things happened in August... for instance...

#1 - I cleaned out my Linen Closet... this was a bonus added onto the Summer To Do List so I got an extra crossed off item.  Not only did I clean out my linen closet, but now I have AN EMPTY SHELF in my linen closet!  Did you hear that people??? AN EMPTY SHELF in my linen closet.  Sometimes I like to just  open the door and look at it.  But that also brings me to my biggest pet peeve of the summer.  Why can't sheet manufacturers put the freaking SIZE of the sheets ON the sheets.  Because unless you live in a house where everyone sleeps in the same bed or in the same size bed, when you try to sort the sheets, there is no way to tell WHAT SIZE they are!  In our house we have every size of bed from twin to king.  Now obviously I can tell the difference between a twin and a king, but doubles, queens and kings are all very similar and it pisses me off!  Because when you haven't cleaned your linen closet out in....years... there are all sorts of unidentifiable sheets in there...stuffed in the back under Aunt Hilda's hand crocheted "heirloom" afghans.  Sheets I don't ever remember buying, let alone using... so when in doubt... throw it out!!!!  Then you get an empty shelf.  I bet it's those damn sheet manufacturers plan, no sizes means I throw my sheets out, which means eventually I'll have to buy new sheets.  Damn those sheet people!

But wait more excitement ahead....
#2 - I've given up caffeine and I'm working on soda.  I tried this once before and gave up after about 3 days, but so far I'm going on 2 weeks and its all good.  Our coffee maker broke about 3 weeks ago and it took me 3 days to get it replaced.  That meant 3 days of no coffee and once I gave that up it seemed I should just keep going.  I haven't had any caffeine in 2 weeks and I'm down to one soda per day.  I'm pretty proud of myself, but I am NOT ENJOYING it.  I have 6 bottles of Diet Mountain Dew (my own personal crack) sitting in the garage taunting me.  I can't stand to throw them in the garbage, but I'm not letting myself drink them, so I need to find a new home for them, before  I succumb to their siren song!
I also got a juicer - since I guess I'm getting all healthy now.  Sadly it's been in the box for the last week. I guess it's much better for you if you actually open the juicer and use it! :o)

Summer excitement is almost overwhelming me, it's time for school to start!

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