Tuesday, August 30, 2011

End of Summer Wrap-Up

August has been an incredibly busy month and I've totally neglected my poor little blog.  I've been catching up reading all my friends blogs and seems we've all been in the same boat, so I'm just jumping in with both feet.

#1 - This is the main thing that kept us busy the end of August.  John and Brenna took a Father/Daughter trip to New York City.  It all started out with flowers and rainbows.  They road the MegaBus up to NYC on Friday afternoon and explored Times Square and ate dinner at cool places.
Like I said, rainbows and unicorns.  Saturday they decided to rent bikes and ride in Central Park and that's when it all fell apart.

There was bike riding and ice cream eating, but then there was crashing and ambulances and ER visits and chaos.
Apparently Brenna and a bike racer lady crashed headfirst into each other.  John didn't see it happen since Brenna was behind him.  But he heard it happen.  So they spent the day in the ER with X-rays and CAT scans and blood tests and all sorts of scary tests.  John calls me on Sat night and opens the conversations with... "Don't worry, everything's okay, but..."  Let me just go on record...NEVER start a conversation with "Everythings okay...but..."
                  Turns out everything is okay, but our girl spent the night in the hospital with a concussion, a small cheek fracture and a hell of a black eye.  They couldn't ride the bus back so I drove up Sun morning to get them and bring them home Sunday night.  Let me just say for the record.... I will never drive on the New Jersey Turnpike again, unless my family is being held hostage by Bigfoot.
 She's doing fine now, but it was scary for a little bit.  Concussions are nothing to mess around with.  Apparently for the first couple of hours she had no idea who she was, where she was or why they were in NYC.  In the end she lost about 6 hours time.  She has no memory of the accident or the 30-45 minutes before the accident up to about 5 hours after the accident.  Foggy and Groggy for quite some time afterwards.  Got the girl home and babied her completely.  She had a brief scary relapse about 4 days after the accident and it almost derailed her college start.  But she really took it easy and slowed down and we got the green light from the doctor and off to Radford she went.

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