Sunday, August 25, 2013

Buffalo Trip in Pictures

We made our annual summer pilgrimage to Buffalo a couple weeks ago.  We just went for a long weekend.  I dragged my feet the whole way. I like being in Buffalo - I just hate that 9 hour drive with an all consuming passion!  Hate it! Hate it! Hate it!  This time I vowed to take a whole Valium and sleep the entire way!
As it turned out Brenna didn't get to go with us.  She had an opportunity to go to Georgia with Karen, her school advisor, on a bat research trip.  They paid for all her food, gas and lodging - plus she got $100 a day for the work!  She really couldn't turn the opportunity down, her professor asked her personally and she was getting paid.  It was a real job.  This was her first time having to make a real adult decision... do you give up your fun trip for work.  I'm glad she decided to go to Georgia, I think it was the right decision.
So, it was only John and Zack and I.  I planned to take my Valium first thing, but the Brenna got her freaking Reckless driving ticket the night before, so I had to be on standby and wait for her to call when she woke up to give us all the details and since I didn't want to be high on Valium when we were discussing her future, I held off.   If the truth be told,  it was a Valium free ride and it wasn't that bad.  Zack slept the entire way except for 30 min when we made him eat some lunch and John did not irritate me as much as usual! :o)

Buffalo was fine.  We got to see almost everyone, heard Gary's band, I ran everyday so I didn't feel like a slug and John and I slept in the twin beds instead of on "The Rack" so we actually got a good night's sleep each night.  We made Zack sleep on "The Rack" and he was just fine with it.  We had a big BBQ on Sunday where we got together with everyone.  We got to meet Adam's partner Mario.... who PROPOSED to Adam in front of us all!  It was actually very touching!  He's a great guy and makes hands down THE BEST guacamole I've ever eaten in my entire life, so I say KEEPER!

Here is the trip in pictures:
Zack has now taken the "tallest cousin" title

Don't drop that baby!

Camped out by the guacamole

Caitlin, Geoff and the newest Hyzy - Mirielle!

Rochester Hyzy's

Adam and Mario


Our family, minus one :o(

Bestest Godkids ever!

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