Friday, August 30, 2013

Working Woman or Lady of Leisure?

For years I have been campaigning to get the "copy girl" job up at the high school.  They actually have had a full time position that does nothing but make photo copies!  I mean, what a sweet job!  I've told everyone - secretaries, teachers, Mr. Huckestein - the principal, even the copy guy himself.  I told him if he ever left to let me know.  Well... I found out at the end of last year that copy guy had been fired and the job had been cut to part time....Sweet!  I began putting the pressure on.. I made copies - in color, with staples and I gave them to Mr. Huckestein, as examples of "my work." :o)  I reminded him at every opportunity.

So....the job came open, he called me to tell me and I applied.  The only problem is I'm not sure I want it now.  The hours are M-Fri, 7-1200.  I would like to continue working in the Spiritwear store on Fridays from 1000-1230.  I'd also like to be able to occasionally Sub so that I can keep my credentials current.

Yesterday I went in for an interview, which is really awkward when you know the person and socialize with them.  It ended up not being much of an interview, mainly him telling me about the job.  Then, I broke the news that I'd love the job but with different hours.  My ideal - M-W 7-1130, Th 7-230pm and Fridays off.  He wasn't as keen on that... so we came to a compromise, that he said he'd "think about".. M-Th 7-1200 (if I need to leave occasionally at 1130 to sub I could), Fridays 7-10am, do the SW store and then check in with the secretaries and see if they need me to make more copies.

Now I guess it's just wait and see what happens.  Secretly, I hope he decides to go with someone else and I can continue my regular routine.  I'm a little worried about fitting my runs, walks, errands and crew stuff in.  If he decides to go with someone else, then I can at least say I tried! :o)

As of right now... my vote....Lady of Leisure!

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