Tuesday, September 3, 2013

First Days all the way around!

I got it, I did it... I am now a working woman!!  I got the copy job, I am officially Woodbridge Senior High School's Copy Girl!!  I've only been campaigning for this job for 3 years.  So, Zack and I headed off to school together this morning.

I can't believe how grown up and "manlike" my boy has become!!  Time is passing by way too quickly!  He was a good sport this morning, putting up with my pictures.  He also had to make his own breakfast this morning... 4 scrambled eggs, bacon and cereal!

I can't believe he's a sophomore!! He has a great schedule,  I couldn't have picked better teachers for him.  He also has friends in both lunches and in most of his classes.  I guess I can relax a little bit now!

My first day was awesome!!  I walked into the office to the sound of cheers and applause!  I guess the secretaries really hate making copies, they've been taking turns until I was hired.  I guess they didn't expect me today, so it was quite gratifying when I arrived.  I asked if they would welcome me that way every day?  Found out I'm on Team Library - which I love,  cause everyone knows how much I love the library.  Then, I got a grand total of 7 MINUTES of training on the machines and they left me to my own devices!!  Fortunately, the machines are brand new and pretty self-intuitive and I was able to get going pretty quickly.  I also had to change the staple cartridge in both machines, emptied the hole punch container and learned how to program jobs all by myself!  I have my own little room, I have a desk and nobody else will be making copies so I can do whatever I want.  Zack and I went school supply shopping tonight and I got stuff as well.  Just like when I was a kid, drawer organizer, frames so I can take pictures in, desk calendar and snack basket (so I can feed Zack whenever he gets hungry).

25,000 copies later... it was a great day and I can't wait for tomorrow!

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