Sunday, September 15, 2013

The Happiest 5k in America, pretty much lived up to its hype!

We had the most awesome time at The Color Run. 22 of us, mostly from Crew drove down, stayed in a hotel and then met up in the morning to do The Color Run.  There were tons of people and it was pretty exciting.  The race went well, it wasn't exactly 3.1 miles, more like 2.9 but it wasn't time and it was just supposed to be fun anyway.  I did it in something like 29.25, which was average 10:09 mile.  That's fine for me, considering most of the time you had to weave in and out of people and then slow down to a walk at the dye toss stations.  The most fun was at the end.  I'm so glad we took the kids because if it had just been me or adults, we probably would have run the race and then gone home and skipped the whole "after party" thing.  But not with kids, they raced over and planted themselves in the front row of the stage and danced and yelled and threw dye packs and caught free stuff and just in general had a wild time.  Since we had some younger kids with us, Laura and I went up front as well to keep and eye out.  It was a hoot!!

Before and After

I think we are still scrubbing the dye out of crevices and cracks.  It was definitely the funnest 5K so far!  9 down, only 3 more to go.  Next up the Zombie 5K in October.  Trying not to freak out about that one!

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