Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Re-living the College Life for a weekend

I made a quick road trip down to see Brenna last weekend.  I didn't really have a reason, but I had the hotel reservations and I figured it would be fun to get away for a couple days - just me and my girl.   It was a lot of fun, we really didn't do anything but hang out and eat.  I pretty much carried a food baby to term all weekend long.  The only saving grace was a did get a run in both Fri and Sat morning.  She has a great running path by the river, so I enjoyed that.

I got to meet all her roommates and their dogs!  They had the Club Fair on friday, I hung out at her table and watched Brenna strut her stuff. She's the Co-President of The Wildlife Society. She was awesome, talking to everyone and trying to recruit for the club.  I was a very proud Mama.  I think maybe I've rubbed off on her just a little bit.

Hanging out in her Galapagos hammock on the front porch!  With one of her bestie roomies - Fallon.  So cool!

Breakfast at our favorite little diner, before I head back to the real world.  It was fun living the college life for a little while, but I'm too old to do it for very long!

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