Thursday, August 22, 2013

Sometimes making the hard parenting decisions really sucks!

       On Brenna's last trip down to Radford to go batting - she got another freaking speeding ticket, actually reckless driving again!  For going 88mph!  What the hell - even John and I don't go that fast.  Even worse, she was driving James and Charlotte's truck.  The day before her truck broke down on the highway and to save me from having to drive her down to Radford and then driving back and heading to Buffalo, the Price's graciously offered their Durango.  Even more worse... as she drove out of the driveway, I said "Here's the cruise control, make sure you use it." and John said, "How do you drive in someone else's car?" to which Brenna replied... "Like a Grandma."  And then.... she gets a freaking reckless driving ticket....AGAIN.

     What a total cluster this has turned out to be.  We decided we needed to hire a lawyer, because there is a small chance this could be ruled a felony or she could have her license suspended.  Either way she's definitely getting 6 points on her license and a hefty fine.  The lawyer doesn't think it will be a felony, since no other lives were put in danger, but it's 50/50 on the license suspension.

Our main problem is that in the last 2 years she's had 2 reckless driving tickets and 2 accidents both her fault including one that resulted in her totalling her car!  As sad as it makes me to say, she is not a safe driver and we are both worried that she is going to kill herself or someone else while she's driving.  She's just not getting it.  She's such a good girl, I just don't get why she can't understand how dangerous this is.  88 freaking miles per hour.... I don't even like to drive 75, it makes me feel out of control.

So, we had a long talk with her and tried to make her aware of just how completely she could have fucked her life up.  If she had been going 2 mph more or if the radar gun had clocked her at 90mph - that is a mandatory felony conviction and 2 weeks IN JAIL!  MANDATORY!  If she's convicted of a felony - no federal jobs (no park ranger), no federal grants, no graduate school, no passport, no voting... I mean...fucked up!  Fortunately, that has not happened and it doesn't look like it will.  Her court date is Sept 10th.
Anyway, we talked to her for quite awhile and I think she understands how much trouble she is and could be in.  She seemed receptive to all that we said.
Bottom line, we decided to take her car away from her for a semester in the hopes that she will understand the driving is a privilege and not a right.  And that she'll also understand, what would happen if she didn't have a car.  She'll have a semester to ride the bus, bum rides from friends and experience the inconvenience of living without a car.
Hopefully it will make an impression and get her back on the right track.  She's such a good girl in all other aspects of her life, we just need to help her get control here.

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