Thursday, January 27, 2011

Can you say "We're getting old"

So I'm watching American Idol again, even though I SWORE I wasn't gonna do it. Last year was LAME and BORING (even though my favorite one), the judges all left and they replaced them with Jennifer Lopes (Yuck) and Steven Tyler (love him but, not enough to watch) and I really hate all "stuff" that they make you watch to actually see the singing, but my TiVo recorded it and it sat there taunting me and then my enabling friend Debbie goaded me into watching and here I am trapped again! Last night our satellite was out due to the snow storm so in a panic I called Debbie and begged to be allowed to crash her American Idol party.
The cold hard truth... I love me some Steven Tyler, I love everything about him - his clothes, his hair, his attitude, his jokes, his screaming every 15 minutes... everything. J-Lo has been a pleasant surprise, so I must admit I'm enjoying it so far.
But, here's what I realized last night... Debbie was surprised that Steven was 63 years old. Duh.. he's only been around forever, but she pointed out, you know your getting old when the 63 year old guy on the TV "doesn't look so bad, in fact he looks great!" My 17-year old daughter probably thinks he looks like a zombie, but Debbie and I were thinking he looks pretty good.
The nail in the "You're Old" coffin... you think he's even cuter when he puts on his reading glasses.

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