Saturday, January 29, 2011

Where has January gone?

Does it seem to anyone else the older we get the faster time goes? That just doesn't seem fair. I can't believe the month of January is almost over. Frankly, I can't believe that January is here at all! So, since I just started re-blogging and for the sake of consistency let's do a January recap. The trick I've discovered as I sit down to write is knowing what I should and shouldn't include. What I might think is funny, my kids very likely will not agree about or want shared. Do I or don't I? And since my kids are no longer little, the funny "firsts" aren't so funny anymore.

When you have an 18 year-old getting ready to head off to college, the firsts you are looking at are...first kegger, first frat party, first broken heart, first hangover none of which I want to think about, acknowledge or even consider. With a 13 year old boy, on the horizon I have... first school fight, first suspension, first angry girlfriend, first "body" hair, all of which can go on the "don't want to know about it" list. So... what's left?

January - Brenna was accepted into Radford University and Old Dominion University, both of which she promptly informed us she didn't want to go to! But at least she can go somewhere. :0) Her first choice is James Madison University - we won't hear from them until April, so we'll keep our fingers crossed for that. I think she has a good chance of getting in there, but you just never know, it all depends on the group of applicants that come in at the same time. She also applied to Virginia Tech, but on that front unless a blind man is reviewing her application I don't think we'll become Hokies. But, you never know. Also on the Brenna front... got fired (no details provided), almost got suspended from school for 5 days (not sharing those details, but in my opinion it was totally bogus and since it didn't end up happening we're moving on) and celebrating her 8 month anniversary with her love Zack-Zack. We call him Zack-Zack to differentiate him from our Zack. Since he's twice as big - he's Zack-Zack.
Our Zack - Doing great in 7th grade. All A's including in high school Spanish 1. He had his 7th grade chorus concert in which he didn't sing. :o) Mainly made faces at me and goofed off. Frankly I think requiring these kids to either take chorus or band is stupid! They should have other options, but the middle school is a whole other post in itself.
He is a Call of Duty master, known as the duct tape kid at school due to the fact that everything he owns is covered with duct tape. If you go into his room right now there are at least 25 different rolls of colored and patterned duct tape. I find bits of it draped all over the house.
Halloween - Duct tape man!
Otherwise, Dogs are good. Snakes are good. John and I...good. January....good.

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