Friday, January 28, 2011

Lala Simpson - a saint and now an angel

On January 19th our dear, sweet Lala died. She was John's grandma, his mom's mom, and she was amazing. She lived 95 wonderful years and there is a sad empty space now that she is gone. I can only hope that she has found her Papa Ross and they along with Grandma and Grandpa Hyzy and sweet Shania are all having fun watching the rest of us make our way through this life. I hope with a beer in hand or a Tom and Jerry or slurpee (for Shania) and chicken wings; more importantly I hope they are saving a spot for me. We flew home for the funeral last weekend and in the funny way of funerals it was a very nice visit. We saw lots of people we never usually get to see and laughed and talked and remembered and it was good.
The grandkids and spouses The "old" cousins
Lala's children and spouses

Zack and the ladies!

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