Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Really??? Again???

I know, I know what you are thinking... she's doing this again? I decided to try blogging again for a couple of reasons.
#1 - I love reading all my "friends" blogs every morning and I'm sick of seeing the same pictures and blog entry on my blog when I link to their blogs. I love reading my "friends" blogs no matter what they write. Funny, not funny, touching, not touching. So, I thought I'd try again.
#2 - I was talking to my real friend Char who said I should blog and not worry about being funny or anything, even if I just did a monthly wrap up. That put it in perspective. I didn't have to blog everyday, even if I just did it once a month that would be better than nothing. Once a month, I can do that.
C. I found a website called They take your blog and turn it into a book. A BOOK!!! It was mind bogglingly easy. You put in your blog link, select the dates you want printed, make a few design choices, pay and Voila! within about a week you have a BOOK! I am a published author, in my own mind at least. But if I can blog and each year at the end order a book.... Score! I can include them in my scrapbooks and you'd have a visual and written record of the year. That really appealed to my anally compulsive neat freak organizational soul!

So, here we go again. I hope this time I'll be able to stick to my guns and not bore everyone too much! Stay tuned...

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