Friday, April 8, 2011

Geez, quit your bellyaching

After I finished Day 2 of my "big running goal program" yesterday, you know the one where I run for 45 sec and walk for 2 minutes and I do this 4 times and then a cool down walk... Yeah that one. I happened to tune into Regis and Kelly (while I was changing clothes, I don't normally watch) and I saw the story about this guy Apparently this Dean Karnazes guy is running 50-60 MILES a day until he makes it from California to New York. Yes, you read that right... 50-60 MILES. A. DAY! He is doing it to encourage Americans to get up, get healthy and get fit. I guess all proceeds go toward a group called Action for Healthy Kids. Jesus Christ, I don't even want to DRIVE 50-60 miles a day! Guess I'll try not to complain about my 45 sec run...

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