Monday, April 11, 2011

Make me a Monarch or...

Brenna, Mel-weenie (Brenna's BFF) and I road tripped down to Old Dominion University's "Make Me a Monarch" day. We spent the night in a hotel so we could be there bright and early for the program.
It was a well done and informative program. Of course, you had to weed through all the propaganda and rah-rah "This is the BEST university ever" cheering. But, Brenna came away loving it and very excited about going there. We'll hit Radford next weekend before she makes her final decision.
I liked ODU, its a beautiful campus and seems to have a decent sized Biology department. You hear a lot about ODU being a party school, but frankly I figure if they are going to party, then they are going to party and any school will become a party school. Likewise, if they aren't going to party it doesn't matter what the school is like. Brenna has a good head on her shoulders.
Really the biggest draws for me... Schlotzkey's and Sonic right on the way!!! I say sign her up!

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