Sunday, April 17, 2011

She's a Highlander!

We visited Radford University this weekend and.... turns's THE ONE!  She really liked it.  After visiting both ODU and Radford, this school is definitely more "Brenna."  It's quite rural, lots of farms, cows and horses.  Did I mention HORSES everywhere! 


It's smaller than ODU which is not a bad thing, beautiful campus.  There's not a huge amount of graduate level opportunities in the Science college and while that seems a negative at first, what it means for the undergraduates, is much more opportunity to do research and publish papers and gain valuable experience. Since she has no idea what she wants to do except major in biology and work with animals, her Master's degree would probably be very specialized anyway and require transfering regardless of where she starts off.
Freshman Dorm

Student activites center
She liked the dorms.  Excuse me... Residence halls.  They are all suite style, which means 2 rooms or 4 girls share one bathroom.  The days of a bathroom at the end of the hall with all the rooms sharing are over.  Nice!
So, we made our deposit and we are on our way to being Radford Highlanders!


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