Tuesday, April 5, 2011

I did it!

Today I completed Day 2 of my April Improvement Goal. I found this really cool program you can download called Personal Running Trainer. http://www.personalrunningtrainer.com/
There are all sorts of different programs you can download. I chose 4 weeks to a mile. Many may laugh at the fact that it would take someone 4 weeks to be able to run one mile, but not me. I have NEVER been a runner... I don't even run to the bathroom! But I had to figure out some way to "pump up the volume." The dogs and I walk almost everyday at least an hour to an hour and half, but I still feel like it's not quite enough. I can't do the walk and go to a gym, so what to do. I decided 4 weeks to a mile might be the least painful but still attainable way, not only for me, but also for Zoey. She's definitely not built to be a runner. You do the program 3 days a week - I picked Tues, Thurs and one day on the weekend. So, today was my first day of the running program. It starts out nice and easy. 5 minute warm-up, 5 minute cool-down and in between you run for 45 secs and walk for 2 mins, doing that 4 times. I did it... in the rain! It really wasn't hard and besides I was totally distracted from the running, because I was busy encouraging Zoey. Pumping her up, positive reinforcement... "Come on Zoey, you can do it!" "Just a little bit farther, don't give up Zoey" and before I knew it my running was done!
On the in between days I am going to do sit-ups and core work on my exercise ball! Yeah for me. Monday I did my sit-ups and today I ran. Double Yeah for me. To keep myself motivated I am using the tried and true motivational tactic... Stickers! :o)
I get a smiley face when I do my exercise ball and a star when I run. Make no mistake, I am NOT missing out on ANY stickers!

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  1. Love your chart! Hope the running program work for you- I'm currently stalled on the couch 25K program. I can't seem to last longer than 2 weeks!