Saturday, October 8, 2011

Alicea Zickert

Pismo Beach 1988
This is how I remember Alicea
My old college roommate, friend and stepsister, Alicea, died on Weds, Oct 5th.  Alicea was my first and only friend for quite some time when my parents plucked me out of High School my Senior year and plopped me down in West Germany at Bitburg High School.

Spring Break Adventure 1988
She was quirky and crazy and marched to the beat of her own drum.  She had "gone native" to a degree I so admired then.  They lived in a little German village and Alicea knew everyone, spoke the language and even had a German boyfriend.  Then we roomed together in college our freshman year with 4 other girls.  I remember Alicea was the "cooker" in the apartment.  We had a 2 element hotplate (back in the "good ole days" when you could have dangerous hot plates) and while the rest of us were eating Ramen and egg salad - Alicea was making crazy good stuff.
Disneyland 1988
We would wait in anticipation for her to start cooking!  She made these Lumpia rolls stuffed with cheese and I don't know what else.  I didn't even know what the hell a lumpia wrapper was - but I could have eaten my weight in those things.
She left college before the end of our freshman year and we drifted apart.  Time, distance, life all got in the way as they do and I mainly heard news through my dad.  Much like the news that she had died.  It makes me sad that I didn't make more of an effort to keep in touch.  It makes me sad that we let life get in the way.  It makes me sad to realize that she's no longer in this world and my heart breaks for her mother and my dad because I know that no matter how old they are, the death of your child can't be anything but devastating.  I hope that Alicea has found herself in a place where she is healthy and happy, surrounded by cats with one hell of a kitchen!
She will be missed.

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  1. Found this accidentally by doing an internet search for Alicea's name. Nice tribute to your time together. The "regret" is always what causes pain when someone passes away. Take care. Renee Madden Zickert