Monday, October 3, 2011

Back to the past - or here are the most exciting parts of our life, because I'm sure you've been laying awake at night wondering.

This is what I imagine him to be
 It's October already and I don't know what's become of my time.  It's gone by in a blur of school starting, volunteering more than I should, subbing, and life in general.  There in lies my dilemma... do I go back and recap all that has happened over the last couple of weeks or do I just move on?  Does anyone care?  Does anyone even read this besides me?  Probably not, so I guess I can do whatever I want.  Since I am planning on printing off each year's blog and using it as a companion to my scrapbooks, I guess it would behoove me to recap life in general.  Someday maybe future generations will care about the minutiae of our lives.
Sadly, this is what he generally does!

Big exciting first day of school - 8th grade no less!  Hard to believe that our sweet baby boy is in his last year of Middle school.  How does that happen, when does it happen?  I suffered through all the first day jitters, who would he eat with, who would he sit with on the bus, would he know anyone in his classes?  Did the Zackman worry about any of these things?  Of course not, he just coasts through school with nary a worry.  I guess I should have had a hint, when we went to pick up his schedule and the squeals from all the girls who saw him were deafening!  It was like the Beatles were in town.  And then the squeals of excitement when some of them were in the same class!  O.M.G!

But then he looks like this and I wonder... I just wonder...
All his teachers seem fine, except for one (Civics) that appears to have some "issues" and an English teacher that appears to have a reputation slightly worse than the Nazi's!  Oh Yeah!  Just what I need.  Please Lord,  just let me get through middle school without harming myself or anyone else!

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