Tuesday, August 14, 2012

2 Days and Counting....

The piles are accumulating... I can't believe we are taking our girl back to Radford in 2 days!  She's going to be a sophomore in college.  WTH!  I am alternating between sadness and relief! :o)  Mainly sadness, relief when she and her brother are bickering, but mainly sadness.  I've gotten use to having her around.  Granted she spent most of her summer with her butt plopped in the Big Comfy Chair watching Dr. Who.  I think she watched all 6 seasons this summer, addicted I'd say.  Dr. Who this, Dr. Who that.  I told her she can never make fun of my Battlestar Galactica again!  But nevertheless, I've gotten use to having her around.  My partner in Fit in 15 and Eating Awareness... now I'll be on my own with no one to monitor and motivate me!    She's got so many fun things ahead of her.  She starts her Bat research project as soon as she there and then the Galapagos on Spring Break.  So excited for her, but sad for me.  

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