Friday, August 17, 2012

Home away from home... I guess :o(

She's almost all settled.  It's all coming together for her.  I'm excited and much like last year, I'm sad.  I'm going to worry about her just like before.  Will she have friends, will she be happy, will she do well, will she and her apartment mates settle in and work everything out.  What if she hates it, what if she's homesick. We were able to move her into her apartment a week before the regular students get here... will she be bored and sit home crying in her apartment all day? You know all the typical things.  Now she slammed her toe into the curb and tore it up and she's going to the mountains tomorrow with her roommates and I'm worried that she'll get some weird mountain bacteria! Does it ever end! :o)  Probably not.

The apartment is shaping up and I'm getting sadder and sadder by the moment. We've been to Wal-mart twice for furnishings and then food.  Today I spent the day showing Brenna how to cut up her healthy fruits and veggies.  Made sure she knows how to run the washing machine, getting her printer set up.  Tonight she's going to redye my hair and we'll say our goodbyes - then I'll leave first thing in the morning! :o(

Brooke and Erin

I am going to miss my girl!
So. Much!

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  1. Oh Julie, I remember when you left home. It's hard. It will be OK. And Brenna is terrific. I've been bragging to all my friends about how smart she has been adjusting to college and learning life skills. You can relax. You've done your job well. Sending my love to you both. Mimi