Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Her first time!

Happy Election Day 2012!

      Finally, the election is here.  I'm not happy because I love politics, or love seeing democracy in action or because this is a great opportunity for our country to move forward.  I'm happy because I'm ready for the freaking phone calls and television ads to STOP!!  Honestly, we probably get 6-8 phone calls a day and you can't watch any TV - every frigging commercial is a negative campaign add.  Sick of it!  We don't even answer the phone anymore and if the show isn't DVRed then I don't watch it.  
I voted today, waited in line for an hour and from what I've seen on Facebook that was quick.  People waiting in line for up to 3 hours.  I'm not sure I'm that dedicated.  3 hours is a long time.  But there were lines everywhere.  It's nice to see people so excited about it.  It's sort of interesting since Virginia is a battleground state, and apparently Prince William County is a county "to watch".  That makes it a little more interesting when watching TV.  
   Brenna also voted today for the first time!  She was very excited about it, we were a little worried at first because her address had changed and I didn't know if that was a problem, but it wasn't and she voted.  
     I tried not to impose my jaded perspective on her and let her keep her optimism.  It's just gotten so bad, I feel like all those politicians are crooks.  Nothing but fighting, bickering and partisan politics.  None of them really care about the country or the people.  It seems like we're no longer electing the best man, we're electing the lesser of two evils.  I wanted to just vote all the incumbents out... I think that might be one way to get our point across.  Just vote everyone out, regardless of their party affiliation.
       I don't think we'll even know tonight who the President will be.  I predict the election will be so close we may have to wait for some recounts and rechecks.    Now it's all done but the waiting. 

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