Thursday, November 1, 2012

Last night was a sad milestone

Last night was the first time in 19 years that I didn't have a child dressed up to go Trick or Treating!  Halloween was always my favorite holiday.  For the first 11 or 12 years of Brenna's life and 6 or 7 of Brenna's I made their costumes, they dressed in themes and we joyously celebrated Halloween.  There was the infamous Scarecrow and a pile of leaves, the award-winning Little Miss Muffett and her spider and my personal favorite Dorothy and Toto.  We also did a Housewife and her bag of Gross-eries...  Then when we moved to Woodbridge, we still celebrated just not in matching costumes, they were becoming older and cooler and had to dress in more "friend correct" costumes... Skateboarder, Fairy etc... But the cul-de-sac, pulled out the fire pits, we made chili and hot cider and we all hung out together and made a huge candy line for kids to march down and fill their bags with one stop shopping.  It was still and Event... Somehow this year that all fell apart,  partially Hurricane Sandy, partially the new Fall Festival at Church push (don't get me started on the hypocrisy) and partially I guess the business of life.  Halloween sort of snuck up on us, but Mt Burnside let me down, everyone did their own thing tonight. John and Zack went out to dinner at the Silver Diner (they had free dinner coupons) I stayed home with a headache, ate burned grilled cheese, paid bills and felt just a little bit sorry for myself.  First time in 19 years there won't be any pictures for the scrapbook!  I called Brenna in the hopes that maybe I could get a least a few "drunk college, inappropriately dressed, Halloween instagram pictures from her, but she was spending the evening studying with friends for a Zoology exam.  Foiled at every attempt ::: she says shaking her fist at the sky :::.   So, I handed out candy to the dozen or so kids that came by, watch The Voice on-line and moped a little.....but then.... I took a bath.  Have I mentioned I LOVE MY TUB, and that it pretty much makes everything okay???

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