Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Sandy, Schmandy

We survived Hurricane Sandy with nary a bump.  Despite all the dire predictions, it was really a non-event for us.  I know places like NYC and NJ were hit hard, but we didn't even lose any tree limbs.  It was a lot of rain and some wind and 2 days of school. The worst part about the whole thing is the silly dogs would NOT go outside unless I went with them.  So, each time they needed to go out, I had to suit up in my Frog Togs Hurricane outfit and march around outside in the rainy, cold, blustery yelling "Go Pee!" while they stood around looking at me like I was the idiot!  On the other hand,   I got a shit-load of scrapbooking done.  I was over a year behind which is UNHEARD of for me.  Now I'm up to this summer and our fabulous trip to Oklahoma.  Zack got all his homework done and caught up and John spent pretty much the whole time immersed in putting together the best fantasy football team.  I also finished all the post-remodel clean up and shopping except for the bathroom cabinets.  All-in-all a productive Hurricane for the Hyzy's. Now it's back to work and school like normal.

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