Monday, October 15, 2012

The Great Bathroom Remodel (TGBR) has begun!

Oh the banging, pounding, sounds of things falling and foul language that fill the air!  And that's just me doing the laundry!  TGBR has begun in earnest.  The dogs are completely discombobulated.  They can't settle down, they follow me everywhere and every time one of the workers comes into the house the cacophony of barking is ear-splitting. And I mean every time... carry out a bag of trash - barking, go out for a smoke break - barking, pick up a tool from the truck - barking, all 1500 trips to carry the demo trash out - barking, barking and more barking!  I keep yelling "it's the same people, it's the same people."  But for some reason, they don't seem to get it!  I spent the morning sterilizing Zack's bathroom since we'll all be sharing it for the next month or so.  Nothing really as gross as a teenage boys bathroom, unless it's a bathroom he shares with his older sister who flings mascara and makeup all over it!  But that baby is CLEAN now!  I can tell this is going to be challenging for me because there is dry-wall, tile pieces, dust and dirt showering down everywhere and I tend to want to get the vacuum out every time I go up the stairs, but that would be a colossal waste of time that could be better spent on Facebook, so I'm restraining myself!  The worst part of TGBR... doesn't look like I'm going to get 3 o'clock naptime any time soon!  Here are the beginning of TGBR pics....
looking through what use to be the closet

Cutting the wall down

No more sinks or mirror

There goes the tile


  1. Julie,
    You may not remember me from MOPS but I just survived a four-week master bath remodel and YOU CAN TOO! I'm totally type A and it drove me crazy to have the chaos and mess and guys and hassle. But it will all be worth it...I promise! My mom said not to even try to dust until they were done, and I took that advice to heart. Sometimes at night though, I just HAD to vacuum. Good luck!

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