Sunday, October 28, 2012

Oh My God, I love my Tub!

TGBR is finally over, well the contractor part is over.  The cosmetic, pretties still need to be done.  Instead of spending the day preparing for Hurricane Sandy, I spent today picking out towels, rugs, shower curtains, hardware and even a mirror.  Today was about the 3rd day I've spent trying to find all I needed. If I'm going to be trapped in the house by a hurricane I better have a finished, pretty bathroom!  Repeated trips to and from Target, Bed, Bath and Beyond and Kohls, buying, returning and rebuying were the norm.  For now the buying is all done except for storage cabinets.  I can't find anything I like.  Everything that I've seen so far is white and white won't work.  I'm going to head out tomorrow unless Hurricane Sandy hits like they are predicting.
Shower curtain #1

Finally a mirror

Shower Curtain #2

It's hard to get a good picture 

I took my first bath in my fancy new bathtub and it was probably the best bath I've ever had.  My bathtub has arm rests and a magnificent sloping back so my dainty neck isn't strained!  Not only that, every part of my body was under the water, warm and toasty!

I did give in to the Hurricane Sandy fever and bought 3 cases of water and a four pack of adorable flashlights!  I only bought the water because, of course, our ice maker is on the fritz.  I'm sure my entire house is just plotting how to screw us over royally.  We just sunk every bit of our money into the bathroom, so I'm sure the ice maker is just the beginning of the Great Hyzy House Breakdown.  You know that's how it goes.  Spend all your savings and then suddenly the great breakdown begins...  But when that happens, at least I can take a nice bath!

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