Saturday, November 24, 2012

Thanksgiving and then some

    I've finally emerged from my Thanksgiving day, Apple Pie food coma and can recap the wonderful birthday/Thanksgiving holiday. In a nutshell it was great.  For the first time ever I made 2 new recipes. Our family has NEVER been very adventurous when it comes to Thanksgiving day... traditional is what we are.  Turkey, mashed potatoes (I do make real - this one day), gravy (from a jar, but enhanced),  stuffing (of the StoveTop box variety), steamed green beans, rolls and that's it.  Nothing fancy, nothing adventurous - but yummy nonetheless.  But this year I jumped right out of my comfort zone and made 2 new recipes... Tortilla chip chorizo stuffing, for which I actually MADE my own bread crumbs and Whiskey-glazed sweet potatoes with apples.  Both were DELISH!  Definite keepers with a few tweaks.  The stuffing was really good, but not the right flavor profile for Thanksgiving, but would be really good with a pork loin or something along those lines.
     Everyone pitched in, Art and Karen did potatoes, Brenna did green beans and table setting, so it wasn't even stressful.  Then a rousing game of Pictionary, in which the boys actually won and the evening was complete.

     As if it weren't enough, it was also my birthday.  I woke up to a wonderful display waiting for me.  Brenna made me a fabulous birthday placemat.  Sometimes she's so much like me, it's frightening.  Everyone else has a birthday placemat except me, but now I DO TOO!  I'm taking it to be laminated immediately.  Lovely homemade cards, thoughtful gifts (bubble bath, iPhone armband, Lord of the Rings Collector's DVD set) and beautiful flowers.  A fabulous dinner and birthday pie!  I am so blessed by my wonderful family, my friends, my home and all we have.  I'm thankful that my children are growing into amazing adults who I enjoy being around, that I have a husband who continually tells me how much he loves me, that in the grand scheme of things we want for nothing and that I have an soaking tub and walk in closet! So much to be thankful for.

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