Sunday, December 2, 2012

8 minutes is my Bitch!

I AM STILL RUNNING... can you believe it.  I'm still, slowly but surely, making my way through my my 5K trainer app!  It's taking me longer than the prescribed 8 weeks because I'd rather repeat days to make sure I can really run them before moving on and I have kicked 8 mins Ass!!!   I know to most people 8 minutes probably seems like it's nothing to brag about, but considering I've NEVER run before - I am pretty damn proud of myself.  My catch phrase has always been... "I don't even run to the bathroom!"  Proud of myself for sticking with it.  The last time I tried to do one of these programs, 90sec did me in and I quit at that point.  So, 8 mins is looking pretty damn good to me.  Next step is 10min and I'm a little daunted by that.  The last day of the program, supposedly I will be running for 35mins!  No way in Hell that's ever gonna happen, but I'll keep after it.  I actually went out and got real running shoes, some running pants and some cute tops.  I figure if I look like a runner I might become a runner.  Fake it until you make it!  When I went into VA Runner to get my new shoes and I showed them the ones I'd been running in, it was all they could do not to look horrified and laugh at me! :o)  But, I got my shoes and I'm off and running! Literally!

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