Sunday, December 30, 2012

Wintergreen Vacation

     This year we decided not to head to Buffalo for New Years.  I know it sounds terrible, but I was so relieved.  We miss seeing all the relatives, but they drive up is a nightmare, we never sleep well when we're up there and we're so exhausted when we get back that we need a vacation from the vacation.  So, much as we missed getting so see everyone, it was such a relief to know we were just going to hang out.  John wanted to do something with the kids, so we decided to drive up to Wintergreen Resort for a couple days and try out some skiing.  We took the kids there about 10 years ago, Zack doesn't even remember it.  Unfortunately, our weather has been beautiful this Dec, which is great for me when I'm walking and running, but not great if you want snow for skiing.  It was touch and go, but they started making snow on Christmas, so we went ahead and headed up.   It wasn't great skiing, sort of icy - but despite the less than ideal conditions the kids picked it right up.  Brenna was a little nervous at first, but she caught on immediately.  Zack took a little longer to get it.  I think partially because he's so long and lanky that it was hard to get himself all coordinated, not to mention the fact that he hardly weighs enough to put any pressure on his skis!  But he figured it out and after two runs down the hill, he had his confidence and he was like a freaking speed demon.  None of us could keep up with him!  I give him a lot of credit, I was afraid at first he'd pull a Julie Hall and give up and quit, but he stayed with it and then there was no looking back.
   I was pretty proud of myself as well.  I got right back on those skis and didnt' have any trouble.   My only issue is that I don't like to go fast... AT. ALL!  Slow and steady wins the race, or in my case, doesn't fall down and break anything.  The first day was great.  There was hardly anyone there and we pretty much had the whole hill to ourselves and those people that were there, were beginners like us, so there was no pressure and it was pretty relaxed.  The 2nd day was a little crazier,  quite a few more people and much better skiers.  I found it a little disconcerting to have all these snowboarders schussing past me at all speeds.  I also am never a huge fan of the chair lift.  The most challenging part of skiing is getting off the ski lift without crashing or taking anyone else out.  I considered it a very successful ski vacation because they never had to stop the chair lift for me!!  I was also pretty pleased because I wasn't sore at all after either day.  I consider that an indication that I'm in decent shape.  I sure felt like the old buttocks were getting a work out, but I wasn't sore at all.  Yeah for me.  We had a beautiful little condo.  The great thing about a ski vacation is that you get so much exercise that the kids were actually in bed at 730pm and John and I were asleep by 830pm!  No need to worry about anyone getting bored or getting into fist fights! We were too tired!

   It was a great couple of days.  I think the kids enjoyed and I know I did.  I like skiing, I think if given my choice I'd rather live somewhere near skiing than near a beach.  Good exercise, you don't get sweaty, fireplaces, soups, cozy clothes...yeah I like skiing.

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