Saturday, December 29, 2012

Twas Four Days after Christmas..

and all through the house, Christmas is over but it was a great day!  We had a wonderful Christmas, pretty standard Hyzy Christmas.  We are such creatures of habit and I don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing, but we like our Christmas the way we like our Christmas!  I think in the 24 years we've been together, we've only spent one Christmas away from home.
  Those silly kids sleep until 11am every freaking morning, but on Christmas morning they were up and waiting at our door at 7am.  We all trooped down and while the kids looked at their stockings we made tea and coffee and got ready for the grand openings.

Stocking loot
Tardis phone case

Even the puppies got stockings

   Once we were done with stockings, we took our traditional break.  I made fabulous Christmas pizza and cinnamon rolls, we bulked up - increased our stamina so we could tackle the presents under the tree!

a Everyone loved their gifts.  Kids got sweaters, Xbox games, money and gift cards.  I got lots of great stuff.  Bath stuff, Gortex jacket, electronic piggy bank.  John got a dart board, darts, the perfect pushup workout stuff, tools.  I think everyone was very happy.
Once we were all done with the unwrapping, I took the dogs for a nice walk.  When I got home quite a surprise awaited me.  Apparently Brenna and Zack got into an argument which ended up in a fist fight with a bloody scratch on his face and 3 of his braces brackets off his back teeth.  What the HELL!  Really??  Apparently, they each took pleasure in driving each other insane until Brenna finally snapped and smacked the shit out of Zack!  Are you kidding me?  Just when you think you have things covered and it's smooth sailing, they throw another kink in the parenting plan.  They seem to have recovered and are friends again.  Silly kids.

Then we had a Mt. Burnside Christmas Feast with all the neighbors.  I just love our cul-de-sac.  Everyone brought food and as usual we had way too much.  But it was delicious and fun and we all rolled home like pigs afterwards. It was a wonderful Christmas (not counting the fist fight) and reminded me how lucky we are and how much we have to be thankful for!

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