Saturday, December 22, 2012

It always comes full circle

I remember when Zack was really little, he loved and worshipped his big sister so much.  And as will all siblings, especially ones that have a large age gap like ours, most of the time Brenna was just bothered by her brother.  He was the little pain that always followed her around, always wanted to be wherever she was, always wanted to do whatever she and her friends were doing and was never happier than when she would deign to play with him.  He just loved her so much.  We use to tell her all the time "be nice to your brother, he loves you so much and one day you are going to want him to play with you and he's not going to."  But, again as with most parent/child interaction, she never listened to us.  He was just a silly bother to be tolerated.

I noticed over this past summer,  that just like all teenage boys, Zack had begun spending most of his time in his room.  Interacting with us only when he was forced to.  Preferring the company of his computer and his Ipad to his family or his sister.  And it began to bother Brenna, she would complain to us that Zack ignored her when she talked to him, or he wouldn't go running with her when she asked him.  I tried to explain that he was growing up and pulling away - as he should.  Well, as Brenna's winter break began to draw closer, I found myself having a very familiar conversation with Zack.  "Now you know Brenna will be home soon.  I want you to be nice to her.  She just loves you so much and I don't want you to ignore her and be mean to her."  He just laughed and rolled his eyes, but I knew that he appreciated being the one in control this time.  He has been nicer and I find it a little bit freaky that they get along so well.  They go shopping together, they go to wing night together - it makes me think that we did do something right along the way.  How lucky they are to have each other and how lucky we are to be their parents!

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