Monday, December 31, 2012

A New Tradition

I never got around to getting the annual Christmas letter together this year.  So, I've decided that an Annual New Year's Letter is a much better idea!  So much less stress... so here it is....

Happy New Year 2013!

                        Welcome to the 1st annual Hyzy New Year letter!  Totally better idea, after all who needs another Christmas letter, less stress for me and the postman has something to do after Christmas.  Totally planned – Yep, that’s my story and I’m sticking with it.
            Brenna is a sophomore at Radford and totally kicking it’s ass.  She successfully completed her first year at college, voted for the first time and moved into an apartment.  She is the treasurer of The Wildlife Society,  does bat trapping and research with her wildlife biology professor, participated in mussel rescue and local river cleanup.  Last spring she went to the Virgin Islands on a biology trip and this spring she’s heading to the Galapagos!  I’m pretty sure she will be running Radford by the end of the year.  Who knew that when we started calling her the Wonder Child it really would turn out to be true!
            Zack is a freshman in high school and totally kicking it’s ass.  He is in the engineering program at school and loving it.  Much to everyone’s delight, he has decided to row.  I’m not sure he’s ever worked so hard or enjoyed something so much. We now own stock in Advil.  I’m still having trouble adjusting to the fact that my baby boy is in high school.  He spends all his time in his room, eats nothing but waffles and Fruit Loops and sleeps late into the afternoon.  Unbelievably, when we do get to see him he is pleasant and funny.  We have yet to see the horrible hormone storms that generally rage at this stage.
            John is kicking ass at work.  He recently changed jobs.  He left Booz Allen Hamilton and is now working for Spectrum Healthcare.  He’s running two Army satellite health clinics like they’ve never been run before.  He is the Golden Boy, the Fixer of all Things – the Man with the Plan!  He’s happily planning a summer trip to Alaska with both the kids, and somehow talked Brenna into hunting with him twice this year!  He really is a miracle worker!
            I’m not kicking ass, more like getting my ass kicked, especially by all my volunteer obligations,  but I am quietly and secretly planning my exit strategy.  The biggest change for me is I’ve started running.  I hesitate to call myself a runner since that would imply that #1 – I like running and #2 – that I’m good at it, neither of which seem to be the case, but at least I’m out there slugging along.  First 5K in a week and then 2013 goal – one 5K a month!
            It’s been a kick ass 2012.  We are very lucky and very blessed in all that we have - family, friends, safety and security!  Hope 2013 finds you and your family healthy, happy and enjoying each other.  If you are ever in the DC area, our door is always open!
 John, Julie, Brenna, Zack

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