Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Welcome 2013

We celebrated New Year's Eve in Mt. Burnside Way Style!  We ate until we were ready to puke and then we got dessert out!  The big kids played Xbox in the basement, the men watched football in the living room, the ladies hung out at the table solving all the world's problems and the little ones ran around like chickens with their heads cut off, spilling things, spreading toys every where and in general having a great time. It was great!  I had lots of craft supplies ready for everyone to make their own hats, but sadly no one was very interested.  I does make me a little sad when fun traditions fall by the wayside, but I just had another 15 cookies and it was all fine!  Most everyone left about 930pm, a few die hards made it until 10pm and Zoey and I hung on until the ball dropped.   Brenna has had 3 college friends spending the weekend and they were just heading out as the rest of us were winding down.  Oh to be young again.  We're so lucky in the friends we have and the place we live.   Where else in the history of the world, would you find 6 different families who's husbands all get along, wives all get along and kids all get along.  I mean that just doesn't happen, but it does on Mt. Burnside Way!  It's like the Leave it to Beaver life I always dreamed about when I was a kid moving around all the time. 
Austin, Evey and Laney
Like pigs at a trough

Brenna and roommate Brooke, Jack and Zack
Me and my midnight buddy
2012 was a very good, uneventful year and here's hoping that 2013 is more of the same.  Excitement is over-rated!  

I don't generally believe in doing New Year's Resolutions, mainly because it's not the date that makes a person ready to make a change, it's an internal thing.  But I have decided to go with a 2013 goal... I will attempt to run 1 - 5K every month this year.  I really don't think it will be that hard, but we'll see.  I finished by 5K trainer program, so I'm feeling a little pleased with myself.  I can't believe that I ran for 35 minutes.  I still have to stop and walk once or twice, but never more than a total of 60-90sec.  That's pretty good!  At least in my book that's awesome.  Never in a million years did I think I would be able to run for that long.  Sometimes, even while I'm running I can't believe it!  I've dropped 14 lbs and kept them off through the holidays.  Down to 120 lbs, I don't think I've weighed this since I was a freshman in high school and I gotta be honest - it feels pretty good.

Bring it 2013!    

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