Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Everyone deserves a day off..right.... say Yes!

I've decided that I'm taking the day off today.  I'm not walking the dogs,  I'm not running, I'm going to the movies and I'm going to eat Popcorn.AND.Candy....FOR.LUNCH!  I know right?!  I'm crazy!  I want to see the movie Silver Linings Playbook.  Nominated for tons of awards, has Bradley Cooper and the Hunger Games Girl
and it actually looks good.  Not something John would want to see, but I do.  It would make a great GNO movie, but I'm sick to death of trying to organize Girls Night's Out.  It's too stressful, trying to find nights that include everyone, outings that everyone wants to do, blah, blah, blah.  So, I came up with my original plan,  just sneak out in the middle of the afternoon and see the stupid movie.  I could get all my stuff done before and after and no one would be the wiser.  But then I got up this morning and it's freaking 18 degrees outside... so I didn't want to walk first thing, but if I walk later that will interfere with the movie or my run, and if I eat popcorn and candy am I really going to want to run, so maybe I should run early and walk late... and then I metaphorically slapped myself upside the head.  Why am I stressing myself out on my "day off" trying to get everything done and squeezed in?  Just TAKE. THE. DAMN. DAY. OFF!   Now my issue is not actually taking the day off, it's trying to do it without the guilt and justification.  "If I don't run today, I can run tomorrow and then also the next day, I can walk the dogs longer tomorrow...."   Why can't I just spit in life's face and say "Yeah, I'm doing nothing today, bitch!"   Why must the guilt always accompany me?  I'm not going to gain 13lbs back in one day if I don't run, the dogs aren't going to fall over dead if they miss one walk, the world will not fall apart if I don't get my grocery list made until tomorrow.  Just freaking DO IT!

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