Tuesday, January 15, 2013

I'm not sure why I find it so hard to sit down and write..

I'm just not a self starter... I swear I've had "blog" on the top of my To Do list for a week.  Maybe it's that not much has been going on... maybe I'm just a lazy ass slacker...

1.  Brenna has gone back to Radford.  Classes don't actually start until the 22nd, but she wanted to go back early.  I just don't get it. :o)  Why would she want to leave her mother and go back to college and hang out with her friends.  Whatever...

2.  Still running, using my fabulous new Garmin Forerunner 10.. thanks for the Christmas money Mimi!  I love it.  It's very high tech, but mainly it tracks my miles so I know how far I've run.  Since I finished my 5K trainer program, now I'm trying to run for distance and time.  I run 3.1 miles each time I run and hopefully I'll eventually improve my times.  My feet have been hurting late which doesn't help. I'm afraid it might be getting Plantar Fascitis, so I went and got some inserts and I'm hoping that will help.  While I still don't enjoy the running, I don't want to stop.  I took a 3 day break (mainly because I was working - and a day spent wrangling little rug rats wears me out too much to run) and when I did actually run... I thought I'd die.  It's not fair how fast it all falls apart when you don't do it.  I'm also missing my Brenna running mate just a little bit.

3.  Zack has finally saved enough money and is in the process of Building. His. Own. Computer!  Say what!!??  When did that kid get so smart.  Of course he can't remember to turn his homework in, but he can build a frigging computer!  I can't keep up!

4.  Had a fabulous Girls Night Out at an amazing Italian restaurant - Travinia.  I ate like an Italian Food Whore, like I hadn't eaten in a week, like it was my last meal before the Zombie Apocalpyse.  I ate ALOT!  I truly had a food hangover the next day... I needed Tums and had to go back to bed for an hours.  But it was sooooo good... OMG....so good.  Not to mention hanging out with all the girls.  So much fun, it's the only way to stay sane.

5.  Had my annual pap and physical and just my luck, I got a large, sweaty, very nervous medical student who needed "to practice!"  My Dr. who is great, was there as well... but never the less... nothing like having 2 people peering at your parts and discussing them in detail....  God Bless Military medicine.  The good thing was he didn't yell at me for not getting my Mammogram yet!

6.  Signed up for a Feb 5K and an April 5K - so my resolution is still intact.  I just need to find one for March.

7.  I'm hating the Viking Athletic Booster Club more and more each day.  If I could get away with taking all my notebooks and responsibilities and throwing them in Jason's face, I would... but I can't so I just sit and stew and do as crappy a job as possible! :o)

That's about the extent of my life.... not much excitement, which is GOOD!  Excitement is highly over-rated!

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  1. 5. I will yell at you for not getting a mammogram yet! JUST DO IT!

    From a fellow Fairfax MOPS Mom with breast cancer,