Thursday, December 20, 2012

25 minutes can kiss my a.....

     Today Brenna and I ran together!  It was fun and inspiring, cause obviously I don't want to look like a total dweeb in front of my girl.  5K trainer goal was 25 minute run and guess what....we DID IT!  I did have to walk briefly at the 15minute mark, but only for 30 secs.  Then we felt pretty smug so we did a 2 minute cool down walk and ran for an additional 5 minutes.  Take that 5K trainer, you can't beat me!!  I  am currently registered for 3 5K's right now... the Frozen 5K in Jan,  The Color Run in Sept and The Zombie Run in Oct, with more to come.   I found a couples run in Feb that I'm going to make John run with me...  I'm really excited about The Color Run... it's in Richmond and I have 17 people registered to run with me!  We got a big 'ole Color Team going down to run!  Yeah! Yippee!  I hesitate to say I'm enjoying this, but I do love the feeling when I'm done running.  No runner's high during the run, that's still a struggle and I don't love it.  But I do feel really happy and smug when I'm done running and I know I did it.  I guess that's something.  Maybe the rest will come.

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