Monday, March 11, 2013

20 Years and the Galapagos

5months at the beach
Today is my sweet baby girl's 20th birthday??!!!  How can it be so.  I know it all sounds so cliche, but I just don't see how it can even remotely be possible that my Brenna can be 20 years old!  She's not a teenager anymore.  All those teenage years when I swore one of us wouldn't make it to the end.  All those times I said I couldn't understand how anyone survived the teenage years - and here we are... not only survived, but successfully.  She's an amazing young woman.  Smart and funny and beautiful and making a name for herself.  She is taking responsibility for herself and her future and she amazes me everyday.  This is the same girl who, during her freshman year, would rather take a zero than ask which  basket her Spanish homework went in!! Now, she's the Wildlife Society's Student Representative for the whole state of Virginia! She's treasurer of her chapter of the Wildlife Society and President-elect for next year.  She's applying for internships and writing her resume... all on her own!  Sometimes I'll think of something I need to remind her to do, I'll text her .... and she's already done it!!

Now, she's celebrating her 20th birthday in the Galapagos Islands.  She's traveling to other countries, in charge of her own money, passport and life.  I'm so thrilled and happy for her.  So proud that I'm not even really sad that she seems to be moving on without me.  She still calls, texts and asks for advice - but taking responsibility for herself.  What more could a parent ask for.  I love my baby girl, and she'll always be my baby girl, the most precious present ever!

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