Tuesday, March 26, 2013

I'm still alive update/ Zman birthday

I've been sick for that last few days, so I'm going to use the next few days to catch up on the last few days.  I've had "Blog" on my To Do list for the last 2 weeks, but in the mornings I'm so overwhelmed by all the things whirling around in my mind that I can't sit down and concentrate, and by the evening I'm so wiped out all I can do is sit and stare at the boob tube or my spider solitare game!  Main excitement... my sweet precious baby boy is now 15 years old!  I just feel like I need to pull the emergency brake and jump off the time train.  Not only did one of my teenagers... move out of the teenager category, but now my baby boy, my cuddle bug, my zack a doodle is 15 fricking years old! 6 months away from starting to drive, who knows how far away from his first girlfriend, and just growing up (literally) so fast I can't keep up or keep him in pants!!  It was actually a very quiet birthday.  He didn't want to do anything - no party, no going out.  He wanted waffles for dinner and didn't even give me a birthday list... so he got some workout clothes and mainly a big IOU if he thinks of anything he wants.  He's at a funny stage right now, still loving and affectionate, but spends most of his time in his room on his computer.  But when he does poke his head out - he's funny and endearing and loveable.

I don't know if it's just different with boys, but he still seems to genuinely enjoy or at least not mind my presence when I come to practice or hang out at school.  He's smart and he's funny and I don't know why he doesn't have girls clamoring over him, but I'm glad he doesn't.   All too soon so other girl is going to steal my baby boy away from me, but for now I'm going to enjoy all the time I can with my almost Man.

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