Monday, December 23, 2013

It's finally starting to look a bit like Christmas...

Last week I sadly had to send out this email to all our family….

Good Morning,
Just a quick note to let everyone know that not only will I most likely be sending out a MLK day letter instead of my annual Christmas letter, but the chances of any of you getting your Christmas gifts in time for Christmas are about the same as a snowball's chance in hell.   I actually have most of them down in the basement, but somehow my time keeps slipping away from me.   Let's just look at it this way... I am helping to extend the fun and excitement of Christmas just a little beyond the traditional time frame!  Yeah me!!

Know that we love you all and miss you all... and will eventually lift our heads out of the craziness that has become our lives and get to the post office!

Merry Christmas!

This is the first year that I've absolutely been so far behind the ball that I actually didn't get things done on time.  I always complain that I'm behind, but I've always found a way to make it all work.  This year, frankly I just gave up.  Between my new copy girl job and going to Crew practice everyday from 4-6pm, I just couldn't get it all done and I'm finally okay with it.

We did get the tree decorated, although it spent it's first week naked with only lights on it.  And actually I sorta liked it that way.  I think everyone has been so freaking worn out,  Brenna with finals and school, Zack with school and winter conditioning, me with work, winter conditioning, and house stuff and John with work - that none of us could summon the energy to get anything done.   We ended up doing a family vote - #1 - leave the tree naked with lights. #2 - naked with lights and add the beads, #3 - each pick out a few of our favorite ornaments and do minimal decorating.  #3 won and the tree looks just great.

The winner

Decorating the tree skirt

Zack - so excited about decorating

More decorating?


Despite much lollygagging, and foot dragging we got the tree decorated and it looks beautiful.  I actually just finished wrapping all the gifts today, and I'm hoping to get some chocolate bark gifts made tomorrow and then  I'll be done.  We're doing Cul-De-Sac Christmas so all I need to make is stuffing, carrots and warm up the honey baked ham, piece of cake.  I have managed to work in some runs, but I'm ready for Christmas to be here and to be able to relax.  And I guess at some point work on my Martin Luther King Letter! :o)

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