Sunday, December 29, 2013

I DID IT! 12 down and I'm finished!

I did it! I did it! I did it!  12 5K's in 12 months.  This is probably one of the first resolutions I've actually kept in the last…forever….!!
Brenna, Zack and I ran the Frigid 5K in Occoquan Regional Forest.  I was a HELLacious run!  The first 1.5 miles was all up hill!!  I mean ALL up hill!  But that meant it was all down hill on the way home.  I had to stop and walk, but only for 20 secs.  I was actually really happy with my time - 29.41.  I wanted to keep it under 30mins and I did.  Zack was waiting at the end and help motivate me to sprint for the finish.
We all did really well!  Zack came in 3rd overall in the race, I came in 2nd for the women and Brenna came in 3rd for the women!  Now, granted it was not a huge race, but there were probably at least 30-40 people.  Hyzy's sweep the medal stands!!!

#12 in the bag

Hyzy bling!
Now I'm working on my plan for 2014.  I think I'll continue to run a 5K every month, why stop a good thing.  But I've got to come up with a new challenge.  A few things on my mind, but I'm still mulling it over.

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