Monday, June 29, 2015

College Visit #1 - University of Virginia

We headed out today for our first official college visit of the year.  University of Virginia.  Zack's number one choice.  He has his heart set on UVa; I'm not sure why, except that he did row there last summer so it's really the only college he's had any real exposure to. The tour didn't do anything to dissuade him of his opinion.  We had a gorgeous day, the college is beautiful and I think he'd probably be very happy there. It's definitely a pretty campus, relatively small - 16,000 undergrads, I think.  It has some odd things, there is one section of dorms (really individual rooms) called The Lawn.  It's part of the original section of the college, built by Thomas Jefferson (or TJ as we like to call him) so there is no indoor plumbing!  I want to make sure we all understand..NO.INDOOR.PLUMBING!  But... to make it all better, you are given a nice white robe to wear as you walk down the path to the bathrooms.  Apparently these room as highly sought after and it's a very competitive process to get into The Lawn.  SERIOUSLY???   That's the best damn job of marketing I've ever heard of!  Tell everyone it's very competitive and you have to go through a rigorous screening process and then suddenly everyone wants to be a "Lawnie"??!!  Ha!  I don't think so, Mama wasn't born yesterday!

 I think he'd fit in just fine and I think he has a really good chance of getting in.  Just like anything, it will all just depend on how competitive the incoming class is.  He's got to be right up there!  How could they not want a ZACK HYZY representing their school!! :o)

Obviously going to be his favorite eating establishment!  LOL!

Prevented from getting to his man "TJ" by the fences and construction.

So close and yet so far from the man - Thomas Jefferson!

Pondering life as a Cavalier

Next up - in order of interest George Mason, Virginia Tech and William and Mary.  Those are really the only ones he's even interested in.  I love that he has such lofty goals!  I'm sure he'll go where ever he decides he wants to go.  When he puts his mind to something, it's pretty much done.

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